Health Insurance and Group Health Benefits

Health Insurance and Medicare

The landscape of the health insurance market is constantly changing.  Thanks to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health insurance to many lower to mid-income individuals and those with pre-existing conditions, is now within reach.Unfortunately, for those with middle to upper incomes and those that are healthy, the very same laws have made insurance plans unaffordable to many. At PRIMORIS Wealth Advisors, we understand the health insurance market and can help individuals and families choose a plan that fits their needs either with traditional ACA policies, or alternative plans that can provide peace of mind at an affordable price.
Medicare insurance is a national health program designed for those 65 or older or are disabled prior to age 65.  Finding out what you are entitled to as a Medicare participant is key to handling your medical needs through the rest of your life.  When you become eligible, based on your circumstances, there are choices that must be made that will affect how you manage your health. We can advise you on what you are entitled to through Medicare and the best course of action that should be taken.

Group Health Benefits

Different businesses have different needs. Group health plans help businesses pay for health care expenses for their employees and owners. Whether the business is mandated to provide coverage or if offering a plan will help the company stand out to prospective employees and increase morale, the insurance landscape for these plans is complex and can get expensive. If your business needs help choosing a health plan, we have access to brokers that can help your business select the best company to provide coverage and the best plans available to suit the needs of the employees at a budget that is right for the company. Ancillary benefits such as group dental and vision and/or group term life insurance may also be considered.